The CandyMan Experience

Get Ready for the CandyMan Experience

When you are ready to meet a man who wants to meet your every need you are ready for The CandyMan Experience. Imagine scheduling a CandyMan Experience with the CandyMan of your choice and having him show up at your home ready to please you. He will arrive in uniform with tools in hand to fulfill your task list for the day. For the next 3 hours he will happily complete any task that you ask of him.

He can cook, clean, rub your feet, run your errands, take a walk with you, clean out your garage, listen to you vent, shampoo your hair, cuddle with you and so much more. All you have to do is ASK and it is likely that he will say YES. What most men won’t do, a CandyMan CAN.

Select Your CandyMan

After browsing our amazing selection of CandyMan Companions you can choose the one who interests you most. When you choose the CandyMan you want to meet, click Book ME to make your payment for your first CandyMan Experience.

CandyMan Introduction/Duchess Service

We understand that selecting a CandyMan Companion is an exciting experience based on taste and chemistry. We prefer that your first CandyMan Experience be booked as the Duchess Service, the household maintenance assistance. During your Duchess Service, you can create a list of things you want done in your home; cleaning, small item repairs or meal preparation.

During this introduction your CandyMan should put you at ease about spending time with him and having his support. He will complete all of the items on your TO-DO list within the two hour timeframe and chat with you while he does it. During the Duchess service he will never touch you, make you feel uncomfortable or make any suggestive remarks. He is there to complete your task list and that is IT. He will never do anything that is not explicitly written down or asked for. He is there to take care of your home maintenance needs.

Upgrade Your CandyMan Experience

If you enjoyed the company of your CandyMan during your Duchess Service you can then schedule another CandyMan Experience with him. If you want to shop around and meet different men, you can choose to meet a new CandyMan. When you find a CandyMan that you really enjoy you can upgrade to the Princess Service. The Princess Service offers companionship, fun and even foot rubs. You decide where you want to go, when you want to go and what you want to do or you can ask him to plan a fun time out for you, at your expense. He will never do anything that you do not explicitly ask for so be BOLD and express what you really want. His job is to say YES to any request during your CandyMan Experience.

If you really like your CandyMan as a companion and you feel comfortable enough to allow him to give you personal TLC, hugs and cuddles, you can then move on to booking him for the Queen Service. He wants to please you and he WILL.

A CandyMan CAN

You may opt to experience just one of the following during your 3 hour CandyMan Experience or you may create a combination of multiple experiences to enjoy during each CandyMan Experience.

New Orleans Escort Service for Women

Book Your CandyMan Today


  • Household Maintenance Assistance
  • Cooking, Cleaning, Small Item Repairs
  • Furniture Assembly
  • On Demand within 24 to 48 hours

The CandyMan Boyfriend Experience

We believe you will enjoy your CandyMan Experience so much that you will want him to spend more time with him. To schedule regular visits from your CandyMan you will book The CandyMan Boyfriend Experience. The CandyMan Boyfriend Experience allows a visit from your CandyMan whenever you want him to be there for whatever you may need. He will always show up. He will always be in a good mood. He will always be excited to touch you, help you and spend time with you.

  • A CandyMan CAN give you a sensual massage.
  • A CandyMan CAN prepare a delicious meal for you and serve you.
  • A CandyMan CAN give you a relaxing foot rub.
  • A CandyMan CAN clean a room in your home.
  • A CandyMan CAN watch a movie that you enjoy.
  • A CandyMan CAN mow your lawn.
  • A CandyMan CAN go on a picnic with you.
  • A CandyMan CAN run errands for you.
  • A CandyMan CAN hold you and remind you of how beautiful you are.
  • A CandyMan CAN perform basic maintenance on your car.
  • A CandyMan CAN hold you tightly in bed.
  • A CandyMan CAN go shopping with you.
  • A CandyMan CAN make you laugh.
  • A CandyMan CAN take you out on a date.
  • A CandyMan CAN go for a walk with you.
  • A CandyMan CAN take you out for lunch.
  • A CandyMan CAN wash and brush your hair.
  • A CandyMan CAN hold you until you fall asleep.
  • A CandyMan CAN listen to you talk about your day.
  • A CandyMan CAN do your favorite activity with you.
  • A CandyMan CAN work out with you.
  • A CandyMan CAN help you unpack or organize your home.
  • A CandyMan CAN cuddle with you until you burst with joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – When I book a CandyMan today what happens next?

A – When you book a CandyMan today you are paying for your registration fee to join the service and booking a Meet & Greet where we will arrange an in person meeting with your CandyMan so that you can see if you feel comfortable and safe with him. This Meet & Greet is required for all initial bookings. You will meet in a public place and spend up to an hour chatting with him before he has any information about you or where you live.

Q – What does the registration fee cover and do I have to pay it each time I book a CandyMan?

A – The registration fee covers our dedicated communication with you and support of your satisfaction. This is a one time fee if you continue to use the service. If you do not book with us over a 6 month period, the next time you book a CandyMan you will need to pay the registration fee again.

Q – What if I book a CandyMan and I don’t like him when I meet him?

A – If you book a CandyMan and he does not make you feel comfortable enough to book a CandyMan Experience with him, you can choose a different CandyMan for a Meet & Greet at no additional cost.

Q – How long does each CandyMan Experience last and what happens during that time?

A – Each CandyMan Experience lasts for up to 3 hours. During his time with you, you can choose to enjoy any of the CandyMan Experiences or a combination of them. Maybe you want to have your kitchen cleaned and then curtains hung. After that you can have him give you a massage or Cuddle Time. He will say YES to all requests during your booking.

Q – Are there any refunds if I do not have a good CandyMan Experience.

A – I can certainly guarantee that your CandyMan Experience will be up to standard and that your CandyMan will be pleasant, polite and eager to please. If for some reason he violates the CandyMan Service Standards, we will provide a replacement for you at no additional cost.

Q – Will I make all of my bookings through this website?

A – This website is an introduction to our services. Only initial bookings for Meet & Greets are made here. All official CandyMan Experiences are booked privately through our staff.

Q – Will my CandyMan be tested for COVID?

A – Our CandyMen are regularly tested for COVID and will adhere to any precautions that you desire.

Q – What if I fall in love with my CandyMan or want to date him outside of the service?

A – With the amount of training, reliability and charm our CandyMen possess, it is likely that you will enjoy their company and possibly develop feelings for one of them. Our services contract great men who deliver excellence and want to please you, however CandyMan Services is not a dating service. Dating our CandyMen outside of his service is not allowed.

Q – Who pays for the dates with CandyMan Escorts?

A – The woman booking him is responsible for all costs associated with dates.

Q – If I hire a CandyMan to cook for me, does he bring the food and ingredients? What about supplies for cleaning or fixing things?

A – During CandyMan Experiences, your CandyMan will bring some tools and cleaning supplies but you should have any specific tools or supplies you want him to use. When you book a CandyMan for meal preparation, you must provide all ingredients and he will bring his talent.

Q – Can I be dismissed from the service?

A – You can be dismissed from The Service for aggressive, degrading or demanding services that are outside of our offerings or asking the CandyMan to perform services outside of the time allotted for you. While you have the opportunity to review the CandyMan of your choice after each experience, your CandyMan has the opportunity to review you as a client as well.