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About CandyMan Services

CandyMan Services is the Ultimate Handyman Service for Women. We provide RELIABLE men on demand to women in New Orleans. Our CandyMan Companions are skilled handymen who also cook, clean, run errands and provide the physical and emotional comfort women need to relieve stress.

The days of stressing over finding a reliable man to depend on are over. If you have a fantasy of having all of your needs met by a man who is completely devoted to your happiness, we will make your fantasy come true. Hire a CandyMan to help you organize your garage, put together your new bookshelf, clean your kitchen, make dinner and then rub your feet at the end of a long day. Invite a CandyMan to work out with you, wash your hair or take you out on a date. Your CandyMan wants to please you and ensure that you are happy and satisfied. Whatever it is that you need to feel cared for as a woman, a CandyMan CAN.

Browse our selection of CandyMan Companions to find a CandyMan with skills that meet your needs. Then BOOK YOUR CANDYMAN EXPERIENCE. Our staff will receive your request and reach out to you by email to coordinate the Ultimate CandyMan experience.

CandyMan Services


Queen Service

Starting at $250

  • Cuddle Time, Hugs and TLC
  • 1 Hour Introductory Public Meet & Greet (optional)
  • Household Maintenance Assistance
  • Companionship & Fun
  • On Demand within 24 to 48 hours

Princess Service

Starting at $100

  • Companionship & Fun
  • Foot Rubs and Massages
  • Household Maintenance Assistance
  • On Demand within 24 to 28 hours

Duchess Service

Starting at $60

  • Household Maintenance Assistance
  • 2 Hour Minimum
  • On Demand within 24 to 48 hours

If you enjoy catering to women

Become a CandyMan Companion

Our CandyMan Companions are matched with women who appreciate their skills, time and effort. This is a paid position. All CandyMan Companions must complete a background check, skills test and CandyMan Gentleman training.

Our Founder

Madam Te-Erika

Te-Erika CandyMan Escort Services

Madam Te-Erika

Madam Te-Erika is the Founder and Owner of CandyMan Services. She created CandyMan Services in December 2020 because she could not find a reliable man to depend on during times of distress. Madam Te-Erika decided to offer women the type of reliable support that was missing in her own life by creating CandyMan Services.

Madam Te-Erika carefully screens, selects and trains each CandyMan for your pleasure and satisfaction. Each CandyMan spends weeks undergoing background checks, Gentleman training and even in person demonstrations of their skills in Madam Te-Erika’s home. Te-Erika gets to know each CandyMan so that she can help them sharpen their skills in their quest to satisfy a woman’s needs.

What People Say


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Martin Lawson, Enterprise CEO